Mystic Cloak & Tailor Warranty

We here at Mystic Cloak & Tailor stand behind our product.  If your cloak ever leaks, either due to our fault or your's, please send it back to us so we can test it and fix it.  If it's our fault we will repair or replace it.  If it's your fault we will repair to the best of our ability but we do reserve the right to not repair it for abuse or neglect.  We will not repair a cloak that was stored in a high temperature areas for a long period of time (ex: stored in your car for several months).  This will cause accelerated aging of the fabric which is something we can't fix since this is a side effect of using modern synthetic fabrics.  We feel that we deliver a superior product and feel that, with a little common sense, your cloak will serve you for many years to come.